It is with Advent season upon us that we are thrilled to announce that we too are waiting for something special. We are very close to officially becoming a non-profit organization! We are now chartered with the state of Tennessee and are simply waiting with anticipation for our 501C3 form to come through!


Starting our new project on the Exeter house


We have recently started our new project home on Exeter. This home needs a lot of love but have some wonderful potential!

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Formerly blighted homes in neighborhoods are lived in and cared for by their owners, lights are turned on where previously there was darkness, porches are restored to provide space for neighbors to have conversations and develop relationships. 

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Seeking the Peace of the City; restoring blighted homes and strengthening neighborhood communities in Knoxville.


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We love this neighborhood map from  Native Maps .

We love this neighborhood map from Native Maps.

We are hard at work in a neighborhood near you. 

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