Scott and Jill Branson |  Texture Photo . 

Scott and Jill Branson | Texture Photo

Renaissance Creations, owned and operated by Scott and Jill Branson, was created specifically for downtown neighborhood revitalization. In 2009, Scott gutted and brought a home back to it's former glory in the Parkridge community. That restoration in that particular neighborhood made him rethink his ultimate purpose in restoring homes. In April 2010, their company, formerly known as Branson Home Maintenance, became Renaissance Creations. Whereas for many years, Scott had been in the business of home remodel and renovation, he then shifted all of his energy and vision to a more holistic approach of restoring homes and communities.They are committed to being deeply involved in the rebirth of downtown neighborhoods, seeing the lights turned on in formerly dark places, employing people who share their vision, and partnering with homeowners and neighbors who desire to build community in the city. 

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